New Video Release! - 11/9/13

We are extremely excited to annouce that we have released two new videos! Our performances, due to their audio/visual nature, are very difficult to capture, so we created these videos to give viewers some insight into our process, as well as to explore the intersection of composition, musical performance, and video-as-instrument. Check them out here:

We would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this project:
- Manuel Barenboim, for his beautiful cinematography;
- Andrew Kim, for his patience as a recording engineer;
- Justin Asher, for his keen ear in mixing and mastering;
- and Ed Key and David Kanaga, for allowing us to use the footage from their fantastic experimental videogame, Proteus. Please check it out at

We plan to have a show to celebrate our new videos at some point in mid-December. For the latest information, please be sure to follow us on facebook!

Concert/Party December 14th - 11/28/12

Ladies and Gentlemen is hosting a Concert/Party on December 14th, at Pieter Performance Space! It'll be an audiovisual feast, including performances by Ladies and Gentlemen, Bulbs, and Grampus!

Many things to celebrate, including Matt's 30th Birthday party, the release of Bulbs' new tape, and the end of the semester and the arrival of winter! We would love to see you there:

ReMixed Signals
Pieter Performance Space
Friday, December 14th, 9pm - 1am

You can also find more information on our new Facebook page! Come give us a like, and check back often for Ladies and Gentlemen news and updates!